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It’s Not The Propane Regulator!

After C. left this afternoon, I decided to take the new propane tank out of the Jeep and put up in front of the trailer. At the time, I decided to turn on one of the tanks that is hooked up, and when I did, I realized that the spewing propane was not coming from the regulator at all! There is a hole in the hose that goes from the tank to the regulator and it’s from here that the propane is leaking.

That means I just need to get a new hose.

When I discovered this, I turned on the other propane tank (the first one is turned off, of course), and there were no leaks.

With that wonderful discovery, I got myself busy at getting the stove and oven in the trailer working as well as the hot water heater.  Attached to the inside of one of the cabinet doors in the Glendale Camper is a sheet of paper with the specifications of the camper and original equipment. On it, it instructs to light all pilot lights after turning on the propane. So I busied myself looking for any pilot lights that needed to be lit.

First was the water heater. I went around back of the trailer and easily figured out how to turn on the pilot for the water heater. Pretty standard – turn the control knob to “Pilot,” hold down the red button, and stick in a lighter where the pilot light is. A blue flame!

Next was to figure out the stove and if it had a pilot light even. I turned one of the burners on, and there was no “clicking” sound like on other gas stoves I’ve had. I was able to light the burner with a match. Then, I lit all the burners, thinking that if the stove had a pilot, it would catch with all the burners lit. It was kind of dark near the stove, so seeing a pilot light flame somewhere should be easy, but I couldn’t see one nor could I see any place where a pilot light would be.

I turned off all the burners, waited a while to see if I could smell propane which would be evidence of an unlit pilot light. Nothing. Then I lit a long match and slowly went over the top of the stove and into every part near the burners, seeing if something would light. Nothing.

So I am sure there is no pilot light for the stove. Which is fine by me.

Next was the oven. I opened the oven door and smelled. No gas. But a gas oven usually does have a pilot light, even those that have stoves that do not have pilot lights. Once again, I lit a match and slowly hovered it in and around the gas burners trying to light something. Perhaps the oven was not working?

I don’t like playing around with gas and flames very much.  But I thought I’d try to see what happens when I turned the oven on to “low.” With the match lit, and kneeling in front of the stove as far away as physically possible, I turned the knob to low.  The oven burner did not light up. Using a flashlight, I could see what appeared to be a pilot light burner burner near the back. I put the match close to it, and voi la! I had it lit.

I then turned the oven on to full blast. The main oven burner lit up. I turned it down to low again. The main burner went out but the pilot light stayed on. I turned the oven off. The pilot light went out.

So it seems that in order to light the oven pilot light, I have to turn the oven on to low and then adjust the temperature control. I have no idea if the oven thermometer works or not but that will be tested another day.

After being very excited about figuring out the oven and stove, I turned on the hot water tap. I had warm water coming out! The hot water heater was definitely working, and an hour later, I had very hot water flowing from the tap!

I can now do dishes without having to boil water.