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The Frustrating Under Tub Plumbing Leak

The RV plumbing leak in the Glendale trailer saga continues. I thought I would investigate how I could get access to the plumbing that comes out from under the tub.  I’m not against removing the tub all together and just making that into storage space, but I would have thought there would be an easier way to get to plumbing that could possibly leak in the future when they designed this bathroom.

But then maybe I’m missing something.

Here’s a photo of the hoses where they come out from under the tub:

water hose under bathtub in glendale trailerThat’s looking down at the floor. There was some trim that went along that wall and covered the hose.

There is no way to get at that end of the tub through the other side of the wall. I’ve checked. On the other side of the wall, where the water enters the bathroom, there is a hot and cold water hose that fits into a brass fitting that goes through the wall.  And this is in a tiny space where the bedroom drawers are. There is no way to access any secret or hidden panels even if there were any there.

So it seems that the next best way to access those pipes would be to remove the bathtub skirt. Here’s a photo of that:

glendale camper bathtubIf you look closely, you can see two holes along the bottom. There are actually three; one is hidden by the toilet. Those holes had screws in them which I removed. Along the top are more holes that had screws that I removed.  Someone did a lot of screwing when they installed this – there were quite a few screws along the top.

I figured if I removed the screws, I could remove that entire panel and pull it away and get access to the underside of the tub. No such luck yet.

That panel or skirt or whatever it is called seems to also have a flange or something on the left side that must be screwed into the wall.  I can put a screw driver under the panel in the centre and it moves away from the tub. But it won’t pull away from the wall. On the right side, it actually extends beyond the bathtub and along a small wall between the tub and back of the toilet.

So it looks like I really only have a couple of options:

1. Cut the bathtub skirt to make the hole larger where the hoses come out and see if I can get access to the T-junctions where it is most likely the water is leaking from.

2. Completely remove the tub to get access. Which as I wrote, I’m not against doing, but it seems like an awfully big job to get at a leak, especially for someone that did want to keep the tub there.

But I’m not sure. Maybe there is something else I am missing all together.

I did try to pull the hoses out to see if maybe there was enough length of the hose back there to pull out to get access to where they split off, but there was no play in the hoses at all. They are tight.

If I have to pull the tub out, I guess I’ll also have to get a drain strainer wrench. Which probably won’t be for a couple of days or so. Hate to have to buy one of those just to remove a bathtub in an RV. I used to have one years ago when I did some house renovations but didn’t need it again and gave it away.

Maybe I’ll go have another look and a brainwave will hit me as to how to fix this leak. After a wee nip of Black Bush.

Update On The Water Leaks In The Glendale Camper Trailer

glendale rv water heater leak

Water heater hose and clamp over spigot that's leaking

As I’ve written earlier, there is some water leaking in the old 1983 Glendale camper trailer. There is  dripping from the inlet and outlet hoses on the MorFlo 6 gallon water heater that is causing some problems.  It’s obviously been an ongoing problem in the past – the previous owners have tried clamping the hose where it fits over a spigot many times.  There are about six clamps on the hose itself, several old clamps on the floor of the space where the water heater is, and plenty of water marks in the area.  I’m not sure if the previous owners ever did get the leak to stop; perhaps they just kept trying to throw new clamps on the hose.

But I thought I’d give it a go and tried a brand new clamp.  Tightened it up as much as possible, and it still leaks. So now I’m  thinking it’s actually the spigot that comes out of the water heater that is leaking. It appears that this spigot thing could be removed with a wrench, but I’m not sure. And even if it can be, I don’t know if I can get a replacement part for it. Or perhaps all it needs is some plumber’s tape on the threads, if indeed it can be removed.  I don’t want to mess around with it too much until I know for sure.  Hate to damage something that isn’t the problem and can’t be fixed.  The water heater itself works as far as its function: heating water.  From what I’ve found, water heaters to purchase new for RV’s and camp trailers can be expensive – $600.00+. I don’t have that kind of money to spend.

As you can see from the image, the floor under the water drip is pretty gross – and appears that this leak is old. I want to clean up the mess there, but there’s probably no point until I get the leak fixed.

The other water leak is in the bathroom. I removed a piece of trim that I figured were covering up some of the water hose, and sure enough it was. The hoses come out from the front of the bathtub. After I removed the trim, I could see that the water is leaking underneath the front of the bathtub and likely there are two 2-way connecters under there – one for hot, and one for cold water.  I’m surmising that one or both of them are leaking at the 2-way joints. The hot and cold water hoses enter the bathroom under the tub and then provide water to the bathtub/shower faucets and then carry on to provide water to the toilet and sink.

I’m not sure the best way to access this part of the RV’s plumbing. There are screws on the side panel of the bathtub which I have n0t yet tried to remove. I’m not sure that would offer enough room or access to the water hose.

My other idea is that perhaps I should remove the tub completely if that is not a big job. I doubt I’d ever want to use the tub or shower as there are showers in the park’s public washrooms just a 30 second walk away. If I remove the tub completely, perhaps I could build in some storage space with doors where the tub presently is.  But I need more information before I make that decision.

If you have any advice or suggestions, please leave a comment! I’d love to know what I’m dealing with here as far as both problems – the water heater drip and the bathroom water leak in this old trailer.